Home Page and Landing Page: What you need to know

Do you ever think of being more than a local business? Are you an ambitious startup with a plan to solve an important problem worldwide? If you are thinking into the future of your brand, you need to step up your website game.  It has to be more than just a place where people can get information about you. The website must be your online embodiment that converts visitors to actual buyers of your products/ services. And this grand scheme of things, your Landing page plays a pivotal role. Is it any different from your Home page? Let’s find out.

To best understand the difference between the two, let us show you images of our own Home Page and Landing Pages:

Home Page:

website design tips for beignners

The Home Page:

The Home Page is the page which occupies our root domain of www.indizine.com. If a person were to search for Indizine, they would arrive here. On this page, we make a bold statement about our brand, provide links to all our products and services and build an emotional rapport with the audience.

  • Brand Statement: You communicate to the user who you are, what you offer and what you do differently. This is the space to discuss your advantages as opposed to the competition. You also get to prominently display your logo and grab attention with a headline that explains the heart of your business.
  • Link: Your home page copy motivates the customers to check out your products and services. So, it must contain links to all your service/landing pages. As the Home Page, it mustdirect the visitor to relevant content.
  • Rapport: There are tons of web design and branding firms. Why should the customers choose Indizine? Is it our single-window branding capability, our facility of mentoring startups, our exceptionally wide range of services, our success stories? We cover this on our home page.

Home pages may also have links to FAQs, our worldwide services and almost all the navigation on our website.

The Landing Page:

What is Landing Page

Let’s come back to the Indizine example to explain the difference between a home page and landing page.

Let’s say a user searches for Web Application development services, which Indizine provides. We would direct them to the landing page we posted screenshots of above, instead of the home page. Why, you ask?

  1. We know with certainty what the user wants. Directing the visitor to the generic home page will annoy them because they will be distracted and will have to search for the link to the relevant page. They may also see something more attractive and navigate away from our website without converting to a customer.
  2. SEO. To show up in the top Google search results, a page must have the relevant search keywords. We provide a whole bouquet of services, so it’s improbable to rank high for “Web Application Development” via the home page. But the landing page about “Web Application Development” has multiple utterances of the relevant keywords.

The main intention of having a landing page is to make the visitor click on a Call-To-Action (CTA) button and begin the process of conversion to a customer. It helps us achieve a very specific goal as opposed to the Home Page which operates more like an information page about you and your products.

With website analytics, it’s easy to understand from where the visitors arrive at your website and what led them there. If you have these answers and specific action for these visitors, take them to a landing page.

Landing Page can be of types other than the one we posted above:

  • Click-through landing page: Their specific goal is to take the user to another page. For example, when you search to “buy a HEPA vacuum”, it might take you to the product page of an e-commerce website. This is a landing page with a specific goal to make you buy the product. It does not immediately establish the sale, since you have to go through the checkout process. But it intends to get you started on the purchase process, so it’s a landing page.
  • Lead generation landing page:These help websites capture leads through a form. Ever see those Sign up pages that get you all excited to sign up for newsletters, subscriptions etc? This could be non-financial CTA, but it’s a CTA nonetheless.

When do you link to the Home Page:

  • When your website is new and you provide only basic information about yourself
  • When running ReTargeting Ads
  • On visiting cards or other broad publicity campaigns

When do you link to Landing Page:

  • When running a paid search campaign
  • When running social media ads
  • When running Ads for the target audience

To Recap:

When you know exactly where your visitor wants to go, take them to the relevant landing page.

When you can’t pinpoint their interest, take them to a homepage with links to all your landing pages.

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