Where to place your Logo for Maximum Visibility

Ever go on a road trip, feel starved and immediately rejoice when you see that curvaceous sign? Or how about when you are having a bad morning and the smiling double-tailed mermaid instantly improves your mood? One logo is a simple letter and the other speaks of the enigmatic lure of the sirens of Starbuck Island. So what makes them equally familiar and dear to the customers?

A well-designed logo fulfils its destiny only when it makes the customer identify with your brand. It should be so prominent in their minds that they can recognize you from miles away. All logos start from the scratch and then gradually build a brand recognition like McDonalds and Starbucks. This requires some basic and some clever logo placement. If Indizine designs your logo, we would recommend you to place your logo at these places for maximum visibility:

1. Website: Sounds obvious right? But where on the website you place your logo matters.

Place the logo conspicuously on the header of the website on all pages. Eg: LinkedIn places it near the search box on the top.

A great way to draw the user’s attention to the logo is to embed the link of the home page on it. This way they will click on the logo to return to home page from anywhere. Remember where else you often do this?

You can also place the logo on the Favicon. This is the icon you see next to the link of your website in the browser address bar or browser history page.

2. Page loading: So the customer has to wait a bit while your page loads. Showing them an hourglass might just strain their patience. Instead, use the time to imprint your logo on their minds. LinkedIn again pulls this neat trick.

3. Social Media: Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts for your brand? Use your logo as the profile picture of these accounts. It makes the users feel they are communicating with the brand especially if they are posting their concerns. Now every time you send out a Tweet or a Facebook post, even the viewers with the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel will still notice your logo and realize you are active on these portals.


4. All advertising material: All print and web-based advertisements should carry your logo. This should be placed such that it catches the users’ glance at least once before they pass it over. It can even go in multiple places.

5. Merchandise: Do you sell products? The brand logo should be printed on all your merchandize and refrain from putting the logo in a corner where the user will never see it. Think of it as your brand seal and display it proudly.

Notice the image in the previous point and see how KFC slipped their logo into two places on the same advertisement. Once as their logo on the top left corner and one as shown on the picture of their product. You can’t help but connect with KFC before turning over the page.

6. Communication: All your external official communication should carry your logo, be it your emails, flyers, messages on message boards or guest posts. Amazon diligently places its logo in at least two places in every email it sends the customers: for new offers, order confirmation, shipping details, customer service feedback etc.

The key is to remain consistent and set your logo or an adapted logo design in every piece of your publication that reaches the public eye. The adapted logo designs should be relatable with the original. Make sure that the logo does not vary between various marketing media.